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How to Get a Library Card

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a Library Card you must be a U.S. citizen or legal alien who residents in the State of Texas.  The first Library Card is free of charge.  Children must be at least 5 years of age to receive a Library Card.  Children aged 5-15 years must have approval from a parent or guardian.  All applicants must be present to apply and receive their card and must allow a picture to be taken of themselves or their child. Applicants must present current proof of residency and identity.  A parent or guardian must also present proof of residency and identity for themselves.

A Library Card will be issued when one of the following is presented:

    • Valid Texas Driver License showing current residential address
    • Valid Texas State Identification Card showing current residential address

If you don't have one of the above, any two of the following forms of identification are acceptable, as long as one shows a photo ID and the other includes a current residential address (no P.O. Box or mailing address):

    • Passport
    • Employee photo ID card
    • Photo Alien Registration Card
    • School-issued student ID
    • Any piece of mail delivered within the past 30 days as indicated by postmark
    • Imprinted bank check or deposit slip
    • Current rental or lease receipt (confirming 30 day occupancy)
    • Telephone bill, cell phone bill, cable bill
    • Medicare/Medicaid Card
    • Military ID
    • Social Security Card

Submitting an Application

An applicant must present their application in person and be ready to have their photo taken.  The application must be fully completed and signed and dated by the applicant.  Children aged 5-15 must have the parent or guardian information fully completed and signed and dated by the parent and guardian.  All information provided must be typed or clearly printed in ink.  By submitting an application you certify that the information is correct and clearly understand that providing false information will result in the revocation of your Library Card.  Library Cards will be processed any time during the day that the Library is open, except for the last 30 minutes of each day.  Library Cards will be processed immediately.

Download and print a Sunnyvale Library Card Application Form. PDF Clip Art

The Sunnyvale Public Library considers all patron records to be confidential.  We will not disclose this information to outside parties unless required to do so by State or Federal Laws.  The Library will use the personal contact information you provided for official purposes only.  The Library does not sell or give out our list of account holders to other organizations or groups, including the Friends of the Library.


Patrons must present their Library Card in order to check out materials.  Patrons are legally responsible for all library materials borrowed on their card, whether the items were borrowed with or without their permission.  Parents and legal guardians are responsible for all library materials borrowed on their children's cards.  Patrons must protect their library card and PIN and report a lost or stolen card immediately.  Until a card is reported lost to the Library, it is not considered lost.  If someone uses the card before the lost is reported, the patron is responsible for anything that was checked out.  Patrons must report immediately any change in their contact information.  For a patron who receives notification for held items, overdue materials and other service-specific reasons, failure to receive a notice does not absolve the patron form any fines or fees attached to their account.

Card Number, Username and Pin

Library Cards are non-transferable, they can only be used by the person whose name appears on the card and are active for two years.  At the time you apply for a card your username and PIN will be chosen.  A username and  PIN are required to view your account, renew and/or request materials & place holds online and to use the Library's public computers.

Borrowing Limits and Loan Periods

Five items may be checked out on the first time card use, DVDs and videocassettes accounting for no more than 1 of those items.  On subsequent visits, checkouts are limited to 50 items per card.  DVDs and videocassettes accounting for no more than 5 of those items and periodicals accounting for no more that 10 of those items.  When circulation computers are down, only 5 items may be checked out to a card.  Books, audio books and CDs may be checked out for 2 weeks (14 days, including weekends) and may be renewed once.  Videocassettes and DVDs may be checked out for 1 week (7 days, including weekends) and are not renewable.  Periodicals may be checked out for 2 weeks and are not renewable.

Checking Out Materials

Patrons must present their Library card to check out materials.  Checkouts will only be allowed on cards in good standing, which means accounts must be clear of all fines and fees.

Returning Items

During library hours returns may be made by returning items at the Circulation Desk.  If the Circulation Desk is not manned for the moment, please do not leave items unattended.  There is a drop box located in front of the Library for returning items when the Library is closed.  Return videocassettes and audio cassettes inside, please do not deposit those items in the drop box.

Renewing Materials

Most items can be renewed once is no one is waiting for them.  The renewal period is the same length as the original loan period.  Videocassettes and DVDs may not be renewed. You may renew materials as long as you do not owe any overdue fines, and the item is not on hold for another patron.  Renewal of Interlibrary Loan materials are at the discretion of the lending library, and can not be guaranteed.

There are three (3) ways to renew materials:

    • RENEW BY PHONE by calling 972-226-4491.  Have the barcode number on your library card and the items you want to renew ready.
    • RENEW ONLINE by clicking on Log On to Your Account on the library's home webpage.  In the upper right corner of the catalog home page click on Log On. You will be required to submit your username and PIN. Click on the Items Out tab and check the box by the title of the item(s) you wish to recheck and then click on the Renew button.

Placing a Hold

Holds can be placed on any circulation item.. Reference and genealogical materials are not allowed to be checked out, so therefore, no holds can be placed on those items.


The Library provides a notification service for held items, overdue materials & other service-specific reasons.  Notices are available via e-mail or text, and the method by which you receive them is chosen at the time you apply for a card.  It is the responsibility of the borrower to notify the Library if any of their contact information changes.  Failure to receive a notice does not absolve the patron from any fines or fees attached to their account.  In the case of borrowers who receive their notices by e-mail, it is their responsibility to make sure that e-mails sent from addresses with in the sender information be allowed through any filters they may have in place on their inbox.

Renewing Your Library Card

Library Cards are active for two years and may be renewed at no cost for an additional two years.  A Library Card Application Form must again be filled out.  You will continue to use the same card number and username & PIN for online access.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

If a Library Card is lost or stolen,  report it to the Library immediately.  A patron is responsible for all materials, fines and fess charged against the Library Card account until its loss is reported.  If a Library Card is lost or stolen the patron must pay a $.50 replacement fee, fill out a new application and present current ID to get a new card.  If a Library Card is damaged or broken during normal use, bring the card to the Library and the Library will replace the card free of charge.

Fines and Fees

Patrons must pay all accrued charges on their account to be in good standing.  Checkouts can only be processed with cards in good standing.

    • Replacement card : $2.00
    • Overdue fines for books, periodicals, and audio books : $.20 a day, including days the Library is not open.
    • Overdue fines for DVDs and videocassettes : $1.00 a day, including days the Library is not open.
    • Lost or damaged items : replacement cost, plus a $5.00 processing fee for each item

Methods of Payment

The Library accepts cash or checks.  Credit or debit cards are not accepted.